• Our commitment

We are a company committed to responsible gambling. We promote each of our games as a leisure activity and that is why we believe it is essential to always maintain control and play in a responsible way. Beyond this, we know that for some people this harmless leisure activity can become a problem.

To help you, we offer a number of tips and options for your account that will help you manage your game. These will give you control over the time and money you invest in playing.

- Always keep control

- Game Quiz - Self-exclusion


  • Always keep control

We believe that the game should always be a leisure activity that you can enjoy. Remember these simple tips to make sure the game doesn't become a problem.

  1. Betting should be entertainment and should be taken as such.
  2. Bet with consideration and never try to recover losses.
  3. Just bet on the amount of chips you can afford tolose.
  4. Control the time you spendplaying. Take the game as a fun, be aware of how many hours a day you dedicate to the game.
  5. Combine the game with other activities. If the game is your only form of entertainment, consider whether you're still having fun.
  6. Take breaks from the game frequently. Continued play can make you lose control over time and perspective.
  7. Do not bet on the effects of alcohol or when you are angry or depressed.
  8. If you need to talk to someone about gambling issues, please contact Customer Service so we can help.



  1. Game quiz

Please read each of these questions carefully and answer each of the questions raised here. If you answer yes to one or more questions, you may have gambling issues. Please contact us and  we will advise you on this.

You will need to answer YES or NO to the following ten questions:

  1. Are you often remembering past gaming experiences, planning the next time you will play?
  2. Have you ever played more chips than I thought?
  3. Are you trying to control, interrupt or stop the game?
  4. When you stop or interrupt the game, do you feel restless or irritable?
  5. When you play, do you do it to get away from trouble?
  6. When you play your chips,do you play again to recover losses?
  7. Do you think you have problems with the game?
  8. Have you ever missed work or studies because of the game?


  1. Recognize the problem

While the vast majority of customers enjoy the game safely and responsiblely, for a small number of people, the game can have a damaging impact.

Responding to the self-assessment below will help you consider whether you have a problem:

  1. Playedto escape a boring or unhappy life?
  2. When you play and run out of chips,do you feel lost and desperate and need to bet again as soon as possible?
  3. Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
  4. When you lose, do you feel that you should recover what you have lost as soon as possible?
  5. Would you like to bet when you have argued, become frustrated or disappointed?
  6. Do you feel depressed or even want to kill yourself because I play?

The more questions you answer with a 'yes', the more likely you are to have a gambling problem. If you have answered 'yes', we recommend that you  talk to someone about your answers, please contact Customer Service about  issues with the game.

We also recommend that you consider self-excluding.


  1. Friends and family

We are aware that problems with the game affect not only the player, but also their friends and family. Often people who have a problem don't realize it.

If you're concerned that a friend or family member has developed a gambling problem, here are some signs that might tell you:

- Spend uncontrolled- Hide or lie about your gambling behavior- Ask for money or steal to play- The game has an impact on relationships or causes discussions- Stop doing activities with family and friends- Lose interest in hobbies or pleasure activities- Quit work or studies

We recommend that you encourage the person in question to contact Lootear to discuss their gambling behavior and seek help.

Of course, you can contact  our Customer Service to discuss the matter.


  1. Child protection

The game is illegal for under-18s and Lootear takes his responsibility very seriously when it comes to avoiding gambling among minors. We carry out age checks on all customers and request documentation proving age in cases where verifications are inconclusive.

The account of anyone under the age of 18 in Lootear will be closed and the winnings will be void.

If you suspect that anyone under the age of 18 is betting with Lootear, please  contact  us to let us know.


  1. Web page blocking software

There are a number of third-party applications that parents or guardians can use to control or restrict access to the Internet.

  1. Net Nanny ( a general blocking software that protects children from inappropriate web content. It is also available for iOS and Android devices.
  2. Cybersitter ( a filter software that allows parents to choose the pages they want to block.
  3. GamBlock( a specific blocking software for game pages. It is also available for Android devices.
  4. Betfilter ( a specific blocking software for game pages. It is also available for Android devices.

You may also want to familiarize yourself with the parental controls built into your mobile, tablet, computer or TV.